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No more tipping!!!!

This year, some of us stylists want to ditch the tipping, I will be one of them. Tipping has become a worrisome nuisance for many. How much is appropriate? What if I don’t have the extra money? Should I refrain from booking if I don’t have a tip? Will I be shamed or judged? Will my stylist think they didn’t do good work? How much is enough? How much is too little? What if I don’t have as big of a tip as I did last time? Why do I feel so pressured to tip?

We all have been put through way too much this last two years and I can’t handle any more stress. How about you? I want your experience in my chair to have as little stress as possible. This includes “ silent services” as well. Let me help. Starting March 1, 2022 . My prices will reflect a flat rate. No tip shall be expected. I fully support any and all stylist who choose NOT to structure their services like this. I appreciate you all so much for sticking with us through this very weird and extremely difficult time. I hope I get to see you soon so we can bring a more calming environment all the through 2022.

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