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New retail ordering coming

The world is getting back to a busy schedule.

As we play catch up. Were looking for efficiency. To Boldly Go Salon has come up with an efficient , head ache free system. never Have to deal with the product you love not being on the shelf when your come in because it was all Purchased. We hope you enjoy this new feature. Thank you for supporting your local businesses.

how to:

When you book your appointment:

find the “ comment section “

let us know what your looking for specifically in a product. If you are familiar with what we carry and you already purchase a specific product, let us know what you will be picking up before hand, we will have it ready for you, and only you once you arrive for your appointment .

tip: we have certain products on the shelf. BUT! we have a huge warehouse That carries over 100 different product lines.

Let us know what you typically Purchase. we one less trip for you to make. .

Thanks everyone and see you soon

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